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Intersperse a row, or rows of yarn with your fleeces, or plant material, etc. for the stability of the weaving. Notice with this piece that there are some additional strands of yarn hanging out on either side. You can do that, for example, when addig a peice of memory fabric such as some of Grammpa"s shirt, or dried flowers etc..

You could also add yarn that runs outside the edges to be used as ties for when you wrap the weaving around stuffing to form a doll or "hug roll": something soft and comforting to hug.

Great site for fluffy weaving     You can order fibers and kits from this lovely company.

Making shapes while weaving can be difficult when we're working with wide WARP spacing such as 1/2" or wider. Rather than try to make shapes, for your first pieces anyway, try weaving the body of your piece plain or with simple stripes. Then use your fingers, a fat needle, or crochet hoot to work in fleece or additional yarn to make shapes. You could embroider a heart on a woven background or make "FLEECE CLOUDS". You could also tie on a small stuffed animal or photograph for a combination woven scene.

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fleece with shed on edge
fleece beaten
add yarn
making shapes