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Here are some suppliers mixed in with these pictures     Fibers, Spinning Gadgets, Dyes and more. SW Colorado ranchers; nice people. They also carry some looms.     This web site will be getting updated in 2008 to show wool for sale etc. More nice people, who are working for local, sustainable, food and fiber production.
Liesel Orend Weaving and Natural Dyeing (Espanola, NM)
Sells naturally dyed yarn and gives classes

Tierra Wool of Los Ojos
Wool organically grown for 500 years in New Mexico. Some yarns are naturally dyed from the group's own sheep     Natural Dye teacher and leader of "Textile Trips" to Turkey. Some good links.     Well stocked Colorado site with natural dyes, fibers and more.     In New Mexico. This is a friend with a
colorful site and some good links. She has a makes a nice herbal moth repellant available through her ETSY site     Here's a friend and neighbor who makes miniature Navajo looms. She's also is the author of at least two well illustrated weaving books which shi sells.     Makers of the Cricket Loom - a small rigid heddle loom. This loom could be good for people with hemiplegia (paralysis on one side). Their site features instructions and inspirations.

For more suppliers go to the original Pillow Loom listing in this Weaving Travel Site

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more beginning weaving
close up
first draw
craft stick shuttle
side view on pillow
stick flat to beat
beat close up
shed to top