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We'll be doing some doubling back and even repetition to give you, what is hopefully, the best combination of views. Realize that these ideas are all designed to be changed according to your and your friend's needs.

A friend who works with loving friends with Alzheimers told me that she needed a project designed for hands that moved as though wearing padded gloves. If you need to spread your yarns two inches wide do it! Let your friend "mush" cut fabric or plants or fleece in anyway they can - in Love and Service.

CONSIDER VIEWING THESE VERY GENEROUS WEB SITES.     Weaving on a cardboard loom will show you some great basics and how to make fluffy Rya knots.     This will give you a moving view of the opening of SHED'S.     Good site with good pictures and drawings showing how to use a frame loom. Includes an innovation on a foot treadle device which should be helpful for those with Hemiplegia.
This site shows how to add STRING HEDDLES for making the second SHED easier to make. I haven't taught this method because so many people look overwhelmed at the mention of the concept. Since we're working with such small pieces of weaving most beginners prefer lifting the second set of WARP strands each time using either a stick or their fingers. But, now you can see this option; quite a time saver if weaving a bigger piece.
This site is very generous. Her book on weaving looks very good. site. School site with good weaving instruction drawings. (NOTE: Sometimes the first thing to appear at this site is information about the town, not the weaving page. If this happens, up at the top left is a link to the weaving site.)

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Getting started weaving
stick under warp odds has text
option lifting warp
shed turned on side
another view
close up of shed
stick on edge with warp and weft sign
added picture