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A nice option is to add a twisted hem to the top and bottom before you start weaving. This gives a nice finishing edge against which you can tie off your fringe knots, which are the ends of your warp up and down strands. The twists of the hem yarns serve to hold the spacing between the warp yarns. Depending on how thick your yarns are and how far apart you space your WARP strands you may need more than one twist per space. It's easier to make sure that your hem yarns are thick enough to just need one twist. In the pictures you'll see that we used two strands of hem yarn in each color to get the necessary thickness.

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Twisted Hem
1st crossing of hem yarns
close up
2nd crossing
close up
continuing to the right with the hem
has text on twist
end pull to smooth
close up
spread if in pulling to smooth
view of completed hem

tying of loop knot

snug loop knot

both hems text now rotate the frame
Pushing hem down