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1. "ZATI: the Art of Weaving a Life by Susan Barret Merrill - Self published - available through for $24.95. Seven lovely projects and good instructional photos. All projects made on a small loom of her design which would be easily adapted to "Pillow Loom" tools and techniques. Her WEB SITE is also worth exploring for inspiration.
2. Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten Glasbrook -Note: The author lives in Britain in which the pictured pre-notched frame looms are apparently common. I could not find a web source for these. However you don't need notching to weave on a frame loom.
3. The Prayer Shawl Companion: 38 knitted designs to embrace inspire & celebrate life - Although this is a book for knitters the inspiration applies to weaving. Please go to their web site     The ZATI book has a section on making a shawl from small woven sections.
4. The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering
A story for anyone who thinks she can't save the world.
5. Living Crafts Magazine

6. Lovely teacher who is featured often in Living Crafts Magazine

WONDERFUL SITES ON THE HEALING BENEFITS OF KNITTING: THESE WOULD ALSO APPLY TO WEAVING     The therapeutic value of Knitting - this all would apply to weaving.    benefits-of-knitting same as above    same as above     For Teachers on how to get a knitting program started in your school.     A lovely site with lots of links to people using art to nourish and support.     By contacting local spinning and weaving guilds you're likely to get leads for local fibers, events, and people who teach for profit, and those who are interested in volunteering.     Links to weaving guilds.

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The Art of Weaving a Life - see book section -the clip board keeps the pillow from poking through the frame giving you a nice book rest.
The frame keeps a plate from slipping off your lap. Or you could use the frame for "corralling" a lap top.
you could just rest clip board on a pillow or tie on. Advantage of keeping tied with frame is it won't get lost if you multi- task from writing to weaving etc.
side view of folded pillow.- text this is another way to use a pillow and the frame loom - you may find that the combination on flat pillow occasionally propped up with a cushion gives you the most flexibility