Annie Kahn, P.O. Box 1347, Lukachukai, Arizona 86507

January 2007

My dear people,

Happy New Year. I wish you plenty of fresh air, good clean health and healing.

The Daughters of Navajo Weavers is now a non-profit corporation.
1. Our mission is to assist Navajo elders, the last of the real sheep herders.
These people are elders who have not seen or experienced hand powered electric
scissors; we want to show and tell.
2. Save the native plants we use to color wool yarn. We want to find them and
fence them in to protect them from being uprooted by schools and then left to
dry and die. We need to count them and make a record and give them water to live.
3. We want to farm green vegetables and give demonstrations of healthy meals
and not to become dependent on the fast food idea and create disease of diabetes.
4. The corporation is very young. We incorporated ,in December 2006.
We are made up entirely of volunteers.

We have a board of directors, steering committee and our black sheep support group.

Thank you for your letters and holiday news.

We are alive and well.


Annie Kahn
Agent, Daughters of Navajo Weavers